The Orchydarium Greenhouse is a place for learning, contact and experimentation, which enriches the museum experience through interaction with the plants and the Environmental Education activities that take place in it.

This contemporary greenhouse is divided into a central space and three branches.

The central part is dedicated to an exhibition area to learn about fauna and flora, ornamental plants, aromatic and medicinal plants, hanging plants and an area to enjoy the wonderful Tillandsias.

Orchid Cultivation

Around it, there are different branches, one of them destined to the exhibition of different and spectacular varieties of cultivated orchids.

Succulents and Cacti

Another space dedicated to the world of succulents and cacti.

Environmental education classroom

And finally, at the back, the greenhouse has an area designed as an Environmental Education Classroom, where workshops, courses, lectures, conferences, etc. are held. Its main objective is to learn about and enhance the value of natural resources and orient these activities towards the conservation and protection of the environment that surrounds us.

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