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“El Sierro” is an area of extraordinary beauty and ecological value due to the abundance of orchids, fungi and other species infrequent to Extremadura, and is the place inhabited by the orchids of Almaraz. Worthy of mention is the endemic Ophrys apífera var. Almaracensis which, together with other protected species, earned this natural area its classification as a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

It is a calcareous area of spectacular beauty and uniqueness, which has been changed by human hands, and where you can get to know old professions such as that of the calciner and the stonemason in the lime kilns and quarry found by the path or just simply enjoy the nature and history of the town of Almaraz.

From Orchydarium, there are two routes. One is towards “El Sierro” with different activities which you can do during the trek. Such as, for example, “ La Senda de las Orquídeas” (The Path of Orchids) where you can enjoy first-hand all the resources that El Sierro of Almaraz has to offer.

A hiking trail has been­marked to make it ­possible for us to delight in the flora, geology and anthropology which this beautiful area showcases. The path starts from the Orchydarium towards the Hermitage of Our Lady of Rocamadour. We will find some informative milestones during the trek which will further enrich­our walk. In addition, you can behold the spectacular views of Gredos, get to know the quarry and lime kilns or take a break in the hermitage of Rocamadour or in the picnic areas.

Another Route which you can take is that of the “Dehesa Camadilla de Almaraz Periurban Park”, exceptional due to the characteristics of the Arrocampo Reservoir, a Special Protection Area (SPA), which offers the possibility of getting to know the world of birds through bird watching and discovery, as specific infrastructures for this purpose are available (observatories, information panels, etc...) which will help us understand the different ecosystems of the park such as the reservoir, the grazing lands, the lagoon…etc.

The environment of Almaraz
“Tras el rastro de la Orquídea”
“Exploradores del Arrocampo”